We would like to invite you to Piknik nad Odra!

On the first weekend of September, lovers of active lifestyle, travel and exotic flavors are going to meet in one place.

Each year, this extraordinary event gathers more and more guests from different parts of Poland and Europe. The last edition of the Piknik nad Odra was visited by almost 100,000 participants and over 200 exhibitors.


The main event of Piknik nad Odra is the most biggest tourism fair in this part of Poland – MARKET TOUR, which is organized continuosly since 1992.

This is a unique place where representatives of the tourist industry from Poland and abroad can present their offer to both locals and visitors from different regions and countries. Among the exhibitors you will find: cities, countries and regions, hotels, leisure and recreation centers, sanatoriums, companies related to sport and active tourism as well as air, bus and ferry transportation companies.

The Alley of Traditional Products

Go on a culinary journey! The Alley of Traditional Products is organized for everyone interested in organic products and local flavors. Here you will find honey, pastries, local wines, meats and many other high-quality products. Try flavors from different regions of Poland inscribed on the official list of the traditional products of Poland.

Visitors and exhibitors

The Great Cooking

The Great Cooking takes place on the first day of Piknik. The preparation of the original dish in a big pot begins in the morning. The tasting starts after 14:00. About 10,000 portions go to the visitors. Last year we served you the West Pomeranian fish soup.

Piknik's Stage

Piknik nad Odra is accompanied by an exordinary mix of music genres. In previous years the Piknik’s stage hosted rock, pop, folk, jazz and dixiland artists. At night the stage is taken by the local electronic scene. Every year we invite dancers and gymnastics teams. The MARKET TOUR exhibitors organize short travel lectures and competitions.

Other attractions

There are standard points of the program, such as the Great Cooking or performances and concerts, but every year we also try to surprise you with new attractions. In previous years, the Picnic was accompanied by the Food Trucks Festival. Mobile restaurants from all over Poland came to Szczecin to serve cuisine from around the world. During the last edition, we were visited by an orchestra from Frankfurt (Oder), which marched through the Piknik’s avenues. On our stage we hosted travelers who talked about their expeditions.

Craft Beer Zone

Piknik is also a great place for those who like high quality beer! Microbreweries serve their specialties in the Craft Beer Zone. This year we plan to extend the zone and invite more brewers from different parts of Poland. The zone is usually placed close to the scene, so you can enjoy both great beer and good music.

Family festival

Piknik nad Odra is also a family festival that offers attractions for both children and adults. You can find here playgrounds, an amusement park, a stage with musical performances and dance shows as well as a country fair. MARKET TOUR exhibitors also provide attractions for children.